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Who can take the Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program (CFSPP)?

The certificate program is designed specifically for healthcare practitioners who are able to give nutrition and lifestyle advice to their clients. It can also be taken by individuals for personal enrichment. Practitioners who successfully complete the program will be referred to as Certified Food & Spirit Practitioners, while those who are not practitioners will receive a certificate of completion. That said, as a healthcare practitioner, whether and how you will be able to use the information from this certificate program is to be determined by your state or country laws.

What constitutes a “health professional”?

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner (Healing Touch, Reiki)
  • Health Coach
  • Nutritionist/Dietitian
  • Personal Trainer
  • Primary Care Practitioner (MD, ND, DO, DC)
  • Yoga Practitioner

What is the format of the CFSPP?

The program is online and consists of 12 lessons. These lessons are recorded webinars that you can listen to at your convenience on the program dashboard. You will have a short quiz at the end of each lesson. Every week, you will have a 30-minute live check-in with Dr. Deanna Minich. If you miss these check-ins, you can listen to the recording at a later time. The purpose of the live check-ins answer any questions you may have about the material. In addition to the dashboard and the 12 webinar check-ins, there is a private chat forum where you can discuss the material with your classmates. A Teaching Assistant who is a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner provides support on the forum.

How can I successfully complete the program?

Whether you are a healthcare practitioner or an individual doing the program for personal enrichment, successful completion of the course requires passing a final exam and writing up a case study. You have 30 days after the program ends to complete both of these requirements.

Will I be able to do this if my life is busy?

We want to see you succeed.  Our program has been designed to take 12 weeks to give you time to do course work and digest what you are learning.  We record the webinars so that you can go back and view what you learned at your own pace at a later time.  The course requires that you complete reading and course work. On average, the time commitment per week is about 5 hours.  Ultimately, it is your decision whether you at able to commit the necessary resources to excel in the program.

How much does the program cost?


When is the next program?

September 2018

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