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Scott Daly

Certification: June 6, 2014 Website: Train Daly


I am Scott Daly. I established my personal training company, “Train Daly”, in 2012.  I have had a passion for fitness and physical wellbeing for as long as I can remember. I grew up playing every sport that I could.  If there was a game I played it!

In the middle of my University studies I had a serious accident that altered my life and drastically changed my perspective.  Losing my mobility diminished my ability to be a competitive member of a sports team. I realized quickly my need to heal and to regain my strength, flexibility and general wellbeing. I wanted to make the best possible recovery so I sought out the best instruction I could find.  I now instill this into anyone who wants my help. 

As I was completing my studies at the University of Guelph I realized I was not passionate about pursuing a career in Business.  I turned to learning how to heal and how to help others heal. Since 2005, I have devoted myself to learning everything I can about health, fitness and optimizing life.  I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals.  Whether it is losing body fat, living pain-free, increasing strength training, developing lean muscle mass and/or slowing down the aging process.  If you commit to the individualized system I design for you I will help you reach your goals! 

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