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Mariët Hammann

Living Life in Full Colour
Website: Soul Colour Studio - the space for LIVING LIFE IN FULL COLOUR


Mariët Hammann is the creator of Living Life in Full Colour, a safe communal space aka to remind us all: “We came into this life colourful and whole, living with curiosity, wonder, and boundless creative expression. We are living our authentic purpose; and we have a “life MAP” that reminds us how to continue doing so”. Mariët’s passion is to hold space for others to give outer expression to their inner experiences and enjoys finding unique ways to do this.

She is a contributing Book Author, sought after Motivational Speaker and Retreat host.

She’s a qualified Art-based Functional Therapist, Life & Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, MARI Practitioner, Food & Spirit Practitioner, JourneyCircle Facilitator, Hypnotherapist, Right Brain Business Plan & Unfolding your Life Facilitator, Entrepreneurial Growth Guide, Community Art Counselor, Communication Science & Branding Specialist, Image & Beauty Consultant, Biblical Counsellor, Training & Development Manager and holds post graduate qualifications in Psychology.

Mariët lives as SoulStory Connector, Inspired Imagineer (Joyfull Jumper), Motivational Mover, Colorful Soul Expressionist, Creative Genie, Dream Duster & Eternal Optimist. Her living motto: “I dance, create & colour my soul alive” guides her in al she does.

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