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Kim Lee-Thorp

Work Phone: (949) 547-0716 Website: SC Wellness


Kim is the owner of SC Wellness (est 2006). She is a board certified therapeutic massage therapist, doula and clinical nutritionist turned certified health coach specializing in women maneuvering the vortex of marriage, motherhood and menopause. After 20 years as a high-tech executive in Silicon Valley, Kim and her family relocated to a coastal community where she was able to fulfill her dream of being a homebody and serving her community. She brought with her exhausted adrenals, an autoimmune thyroid condition, 40 extra pounds, insulin resistance working toward diabetes, a dependency on alcohol and a highly reactive self. Kim cocooned herself and her family and set off on a healing journey that would expand her more then she ever dreamed. Today, she offers online, group and one-on-one sessions in things ranging from work-life balance to how to feel better to making change happen to lifestyle education referrals for First Line Therapy to weight loss to body awareness and balancing. Kim is a lifelong learner and is spending 2017 in the functional medicine health coaching academy.

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