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As a holistic nutrition consultant and seasoned yoga teacher I understand that food is not our only form of nourishment.  The food choices we make create the foundation of our health but there are many other aspects of nourishment that I help clients develop and recognize.

My interest in nutrition and yoga started in my teens when I realized I was from a challenging genetic background.
My family health history includes bi-polar, ADD, and addiction issues, ankylosing spondylitis (a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis), heart disease, and digestive disorders. I started my wellness journey then and continue to seek steady, physical energy, mental clarity, and peace of mind. I haven’t stopped yet, and at 63, with an open mind and strong body, I embrace the aging process.

I’ve been a teacher throughout my adult life. Along with raising two sons, I’ve owned two successful businesses in Northern California – Mountain Wool and Weaving and Wild Mountain Yoga Center. Through every stage I enjoyed learning from family and clientele, as well as educating them.

Upon completion of Food and Spirit Practitioner certification I am much more confident connecting symptoms with imbalances in different aspects of individual clients.



Favorite Quote:

“Your genes are not your destiny.   They load the gun but your lifestyle pulls the trigger.”  (author unknown)

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