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Dr. JoAnn Layford

Health Coach and Yoga Instructor, Ed D, RYT500, AADP, CHC,CFSP Long Island Food for Thought
Work Phone: 1 631 741 5812


JoAnn Layford, Ed D, AADP, CHC,CFSP, RYT 500  is a certified Health Coach, Food and Spirit Practitioner and Yoga Instructor helping people with chronic conditions and “ women of a certain age” clear their minds, change their bodies and claim their lives through easy to implement natural living solutions for greater health, happiness, and vitality.
JoAnn loves learning and teaching. In addition to her health coach, Food and Spirit,  and yoga credentials, she’s earned a BS in Education, a BA, an MS and an Ed. D. From her yoga mat, offices, and classrooms in schools, universities, and cyberspace, JoAnn has taught learners of all ages, from pre k to university doctoral students.  Learners always teach the teacher, and JoAnn’s work with students and colleagues has given her an invaluable experience base and taught her many rich lessons about people and life.

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