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Heather Fischer-Page

MA, NTP, CFSP Healthy Decadence
Home Kansas City MO Work Phone: (816) 803-8911 Website: Healthy Decadence


Heather Page, Holistic Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, began her wellness journey many years ago when her health declined after her children were born. She found that not only was there a nutritional aspect, but also the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects to healing. She made the connection within and wanted to learn more about how wellness, lifestyle and food were linked. Heather began her study at the Nutritional Therapy Association and received her certification as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP).  Since then, she has done many hours of advanced training and continuing education to build her knowledge and experience. Wanting to understand the emotional, mental and spiritual side of health, she began her studies with Dr. Minich and the Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner Program and completed the program in 2015. She continues to educate herself on the root causes of health related issues, as well as the mind/body/spirit connection.She works with clients to make those connections and also empowers them to become proactive in their own journey to wellness.

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