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Dilys Gannon-Bone

PhD, BA (Hons), FKFA, Int.Dip, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Master Practitioner and Health Practitioner in NLP, EFT, CFSP
Work Phone: +44 (O) 1288 353642 Website: Road 2 Health and Vitality


During her long life Dr. Dilys Gannon-Bone has embraced and encompassed much in both conventional and naturopathic medicine. Following her second experience with cancer, she decided to give up conventional medicine to find a more natural solution.

She describes her journey through life as very priviledged, as she has had the opportunity of working and being trained by many well-known figures.

She was first introduced to toxicity of the mind and body with German Professor Dr. Franz Lechner, who has written several books on the ill effects of mercury and amalgam in the mouth. Toxicity is very much studied at the world-renowned, state-of-the-art clinic, Viva Myer, in Austria where the rich and famous, from all over the world, come to be treated by Dr. Harald Stossier and his wife Dr. Christine Stossier.

This different approach to health sent her on her journey to America where she embraced the disciplines of gastrointestinal problems, colonic hydrotherapy, kinesiology, homeopathy, and live-blood microscopic analysis. As well as NLP and EFT.

On her return to the UK she worked in the Harley Street medical area and The Hale Clinic, famous for its connection to The Royal Family, as it was opened by His Royal Highness Prince Charles in 1988. Once again, she was able to treat many well-known personalities, as well as the ‘common man’.

It was with her connection to Dr. Michael Culp that her training included scientific diagnostic testing with Genova Diagnostic Laboratories, giving her the opportunity, with patients, to prove some of her findings.

Named by Tatler Magazine, two years running, as one of the best doctors to see in London, she felt that the years of working abroad and the meeting with so many doctors, had given her much knowledge and understanding of the patients with whom she worked.

At a time she felt retirement was on the horizon, her work with Dr. Deanna Minich, whose research embraces so much, has inspired her to continue for a few years yet, but at a gentler pace.

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