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Cat has been in the wellness industry for 20 years. She started as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, continued on as a massage therapist and energy worker, and then earned a Masters in Counseling. She is very pleased to add to the list, Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner. She found the CFSP framework a natural fit for her and her business, having always sought out mind + body + spirit trainings.

As a practitioner, there are three things that are very important to Cat:

One. She feels It is important that clients feel comfortable and safe with her, that they feel met. That they feel her warmth and openness and that she is not interested in judging them, only in supporting

them on their journey –the good, the bad, the light, the dark. She wants them to feel the deep well of compassion that she has for them so they can drop in, let go, and move even closer toward balance, their beauty and vibrancy.

Two. Cat’s life path from a very young age has been a deep exploration of the intricacies of life, the interface of her inner and outer worlds. Professionally, this means she actively explores each new technique or modality that she can add to her practice, life, and body, before ever using it or suggesting it to clients. In this way she can safely, effectively, and with sound knowing work with her clients.

Three. She has a knack of serving as a bridge between the practical/Western/logical/science and the woo woo/Eastern/spiritual in such a way that makes “alternative” healing comfortable for and accessible to anyone open to the journey. Furthermore, this knack extends to bridging the deep, sacred healing stuff with a less heavy and scary experience that is often interesting, light-hearted and even fun.

Cat believes life is a crazy journey. She honors and acknowledges the places we Struggle and the places we Shine. If someone is coming to her for help, then they are interested in moving toward Shining more and she is determined to be there to help in all the ways that she can.

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