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Cassandra Herbert

Zest and Harmony
Work Phone: 410-415-1454


Cassandra Herbert — holistic nurse psychotherapist, health and wellness educator, healthy eating coach, speaker and author — CEO of Zest and Harmony Counseling and Coaching which supports The Busy Professional, Real-Life Superwoman who secretly feels overwhelmed, depleted and fatigue shift to feeling healthy, happy, and energized.


What makes her work unique is she blends her professional experience as a nurse, psychotherapist and wellness coach as well as her personal experience and has developed an 8 part holistic system that shows the Real-Life Superwoman how to nourish all areas of her life because Harmony is truly the new sexy!


Cassandra’s life mission is empowering people how to advocate for their wellness and what they can do to change the current healthcare system from a culture of sick “care” to one of health and wellness.

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