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Bridget Rowbatham Bergens

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Bridget is a Certified Professional Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner and a Register Licensed Occupational Therapist. She is founder of Bwell, LLC. Bridget is also currently pursing a Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine and Botanical Medicine.

She provides a “whole self” approach to nutrition and lifestyle management. Through your journey together, your end goal achievements will be increased self-awareness and self-knowledge of nutrition and health, acquisition of new life skills, attainment of personal and professional goals, sustainable behavior change, increased life satisfaction, and becoming one’s best whole self.  Bridget believes in taking an individualistic and holistic approach to coaching, meaning all her recommendations are tailored specifically to your needs. She truly believes our wellbeing is impacted by the food we consume, epigenetics and our lifestyle choices. Nourishing your body with healthy food doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. You can eat delicious foods that taste amazing, give you energy, and make you look and feel great!


Holistic Integrative Nutrition

Wellness Coaching

Functional Medicine

Neutraceutical Supplementation



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