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Nutrition for the Soul Coaching Sessions - 8 Sessions

How do we make the leap from chakras, our vital energy centers, containing the essence of everything we are and will be, to something physical like food? How do we use foods to heal every aspect of ourselves? Embedded within the food is contained many layers of information that feed us. When we eat, we take in and assimilate what the food has to offer.

If you want to assess how a particular food will affect your energetic self, first identify its obvious characteristics: where it is grown, how it grows, its external and internal colors, whether it is solid or liquid or both. From there you can go deeper into pinpointing its nutrient composition: is it primarily carbohydrates, fat or protein? The culmination of all these aspects will ripple through our physical body to impact the vibration of our chakras, the flow of energy running through the chakras and may act to balance these two.

Think about it in simplistic, familiar terms: We are energy. Food is energy. On a certain occasion, perhaps we literally feel “low on energy” because we have been working extra hours and taking on additional responsibilities. Certain foods may embody optimal physical qualities that give us the physical nourishment to feel revived. On another level, this food may capture within it the vibration that is needed to repair and correct spiritual patterns in our solar plexus chakra (responsible for our energy input and output) so that we will not choose to let ourselves get into situations where we know that our energy will be drained. One such example of a food that would perform both of these functions would be whole grains. On a physical level, whole grains contain a blend of mostly carbohydrate (mainly starches and fibers), some protein and a small amount of fat. Complex carbohydrates like starches would provide our bodies with a gradual release of energy in the form of sugar so that we could sustain our energy over time. If we look at the physical qualities of the food, they reveal to us aspects of its spiritual messages. In the case of the whole grain, note that the essence of the plant, the germ, is tightly encased by the endosperm (or middle, starchy) layer, and then protected further by the bran (outer) coating. On energetic terms, this plant speaks to us of protecting our essence from depletion.

Now if we ate processed grains repeatedly, we might experience the opposite of this phenomenon. First, processed grains will be lower in long-chains of sugars and higher in simple sugars, ultimately leading to a rapid influx of sugar into the bloodstream. Therefore, we get a strong, initial spike of energy due to the fast release of sugar, but due to the corresponding quick release of insulin to shuttle the sugar into the cells, we actually end up with low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. Signs of low blood sugar include shakiness, headache, and being tired. Essentially, our energy is depleted. Instead of enriching ourselves with energy, we have made the process of eating a very costly one on an energy level. Furthermore, the spiritual essence of a processed grain indicates a lack of integration and structure. Processed grains typically lack the germ and bran layer, leaving only the starchy endosperm. The spiritual message we send to our cells is one of a lack of wholeness and cohesion, causing us to disperse our energy.

Another example of how food can feed us spiritually is through color. In the instance with low energy, yellow foods can be stimulating and balancing to the solar plexus chakra since it would transmit the vibration of yellow to the chakra. The solar plexus chakra is balanced when vibrating at the resonance of the color yellow. Thus, eating the spice curry would be very vibrationally congruent with this energy center and provide the solar plexus with the color frequency it needs. The curry compounds also stimulate physiological digestion through its warming nature. As a result, curry feeds the energy center through its color and its inherent physical properties.

The basis for the multi-dimensional properties of foods is that like all living organisms, foods have specific energy vibrations that can interact with our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers embodied by the energy centers, or chakras. The issues, challenges, problems and opportunities residing in the chakra body-soul interface require certain vibrations for healing. These vibrations may be obtained, to some extent, through the interaction and consumption of foods, drink and dietary, supplements. Therefore, what we ingest has amazing potential to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When we learn to use foods and to eat in alignment with our soul, the healing begins. Increased consciousness occurs when all our many aspects are aligned and connected.

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