Food & Spirit was developed by Dr. Deanna Minich as a full-spectrum approach to whole-self health.



From Dr. Minich:

My approach is to look at you as a WHOLE person – not just your body, or only the foods you eat, but to see you as a multi-faceted being comprised of 7 Aspects. These 7 Aspects come from ancient traditions and are what I call: ROOT, FLOW, FIRE, LOVE, TRUTH, INSIGHT, and SPIRIT. Every program that we offer taps into your 7 Aspects to create healing and bring forth your inner potential.  

You will find that I appreciate the scientific, logical, and nutritional aspects of food as much as I believe and feel that our spiritual, creative, symbolic connection with food is essential. I spent much of my life studying the science of nutrition during my Master’s and Doctorate programs, but at the same time, I realized that truth is not always packaged in the form of a study.

There is much more to food than we realize, and I don’t believe even science has caught up to applying fields like quantum physics to understand the frequency of food and how that impacts us on a subtle level. We are on the path of merging science and spirituality in the 21st century.