“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us be much more than what we are.” – Adelle Davis

At Food & Spirit, we take the whole of YOU and then connect it with the whole of EATING for a nourishing experience…

Food & Spirit was developed by nutritionist, Deanna Minich, PhD, as a way to CULTIVATE EATING AS A PATH TO PERSONAL GROWTH.

Dr. Minich’s approach is to BRING TOGETHER the entire spectrum of human potential in everyday eating to benefit all the aspects of you. She helps you to bridge the gap between eating and living through a creative synthesis of elements such as Information & Inspiration, Science & Spirituality, Poetry & Practicality, Ancient Traditions & Modern Medicine, and Literal Interpretations & Symbolic Meanings. oneness

In the Food & Spirit teachings, you will learn a wealth of current, SCIENTIFIC-BASED NUTRITION information with a complement of the deeper, psychosocial aspects of eating and the symbolic meaning of foods which often goes unrecognized. These teachings include the WISDOM OF THE ANCIENT TRADITIONS and texts such as Ayurveda, the Vedas, and Traditional Chinese Medicine in combination with the knowledge of 21st century functional and integrative medicine.

These unified concepts are represented within Food & Spirit as SEVEN DIFFERENT ASPECTS one’s being that literally correlate with a major endocrine gland and SYMBOLICALLY CONNECTED TO SPECIFIC THEMES AND COLORS.

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From Deanna Minich:

“You will find that I appreciate the scientific, logical, and nutritional aspects of food as much as I believe and feel that our spiritual, creative, symbolic connection with food is essential. I spent much of my life studying the science of nutrition during my Master’s and Doctorate programs, but at the same time, I realized that truth is not always packaged as a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. There is much more to food than we realize, and I don’t believe even science has caught up to applying fields like quantum physics to understand the frequency of food and how that impacts us on a subtle level. We are on the path of merging science and spirituality in the 21st century.

Also, I see food as practical, by understanding the basics, enjoying recipes, and tidbits about foods, as much as sitting down to a plate of food and feeling its poetry, being overcome by the sensory input, and admiring the interconnection of plants, animals, and people that brought it to me. Food has to be practical – we have to know how to navigate the supermarket, read labels, understand what heals and harms us. But we don’t need to let it “rule” us. We can balance all that heady information with the feelings we derive from eating, whether it’s enjoying a meal with friends, writing a food haiku, or taking artistic photographs of food.Finally, at Food & Spirit, we acknowledge that no one system of medicine is superior to another. Both ancient and modern medicine systems each bring forth their inherent wisdom and beauty – through the Food & Spirit teachings, you will find a braiding together of many healing disciplines – functional medicine, integrative medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine – to give you a kaleidoscopic lens into your health.”


OUR CONNECTION to food is grounded in the foundation of our being. It has been estimated that we interact with food and decisions about eating an average of hundreds of times every day and that we take in thousands of pounds of food in a single year. Indeed, food is required for our survival and function as humans.

Furthermore, FOOD IS OUR BOND with the Earth, a connector between people, a divining rod between our body and soul. We unite ourselves in the web of all living beings on the planet through the process of eating and being a participant in the food chain.

Our incessant interaction with food incurs immense power and meaning to the extent that the way we relate to food and how we eat can define who we are. Going to the “root” of health issues and to our relationship with food is necessary to EXPERIENCE A DEEPER LEVEL of understanding about the foods our bodies need for optimal health, vitality, growth, and maintenance.

THE DOORWAY TO OUR HEALTH and well-being is before us, rooted at the dining room table, at the restaurant, at the grocery store, at the farmers market, and in the garden. And, within the eating experiences are planted the TRUE ROOT OF WHAT NEEDS HEALING at our innermost core.