Why become a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner?

The online Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program (CFSPP) will teach you how to combine 21st century science with the centuries-old wisdom of ancient medicine in a systematic, seamless way - both in your life, and in your practice.

CFSPP integrates physiology, psychology, eating and living techniques into the therapeutic encounter with clients in an organized framework without short-cutting credibility.

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It's About You

Merge scientific credibility with personal growth

Guide your clients in nourishing their whole self for improved health

Transform your practice

Participate in online discussions with practitioners from around the world

It's About Results

Receive all the tools and resources needed for this integrated, holistic, science-based online program

Thrive in an active professional community that offers support and knowledge

Experience life-changing effects for your clients and yourself

It's About Time

Study online from anywhere in the world to nourish your practice, your clients, and yourself

Be inspired in a way that will influence and revolutionize your practice and your life

Now is the time for change in healing and health!

Dr Deanna Minich is one of those special people who has both the gifts of a scientific mind coupled with an equal measure of artistic humanism. She is a “blender” of the objective with the less tangible energies that define what allow people to do amazing things. In the ten years I have had the privilege of working with her I have been amazed at seeing her continual growth and contributions as a woman of great substance in pushing forward the evolution of the healthcare movement.

Jeffrey Bland, PhD, Father of Functional Medicine

I feel that this course will be essential to move and evolve my practice. I believe it’s important to provide the tools to clients that resonate with oneself. The teachings of Food & Spirit have helped make me whole and it is important for me to bring it to my practice.

Sabine Weber, MS, RD, CDN

Food is medicine but most of all food is spirit that we nourish, embody and give thanks to the divine source. My mission is to encourage, empower and educate people to reconnect to their true source and grow a deeper relationship with themselves, their family and their God through the physical, emotional, spiritual and communal elements that food represents. Ultimately becoming a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner is the culmination of my journey for truth in healing. Also the special training with Dr. Minich serves a sub-specialty track in pioneering work within the field of integrative nutrition and dietetics.

Tambra Raye Stevenson, MS, CPT, Founder of Nativsol Kitchen

After looking into numerous courses, diplomas, degrees and professional development options, it seems the Food & Spirit Practitioner training has come up at the most perfect of times! (But of course!) This course, it seems, will satisfy both my science brain, and my intuitive feelings, and will be the perfect fit for my private practice, and healing and growth of a personal nature. Becoming a practitioner of Food & Spirit better solidifies what I am, what I believe in, and what I value in health, the planet, the universe, and healing through food.

Fiona Bond, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Allied Health Professional, Qualified School Teacher, ChiBall, Wellness Coach

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A Note from the Founder, Dr. Deanna Minich

I founded Food & Spirit™ in 2000 as a way to cultivate eating as a path to personal growth. Since we encounter food and the act of eating multiple times a day, I realized that this constant interface could become a conduit of understanding one’s inner self in relationship to their environment.

My goal for you as a Food & Spirit™ Practitioner is to embed yourself into larger matrices of healers and health professionals to serve the need of going deeper with your clients on their relationship with food. If we can help clients to understand their relationship with food, we help them to understand and discover aspects of their inner self and outer behaviors.

Join me on this colorful and life-changing journey! I'm excited to work with you to help transform your practice, your client's lives, and even your own health through the online Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner Program!

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