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Are you looking for more than just the basics of nutrients when it comes to your everyday meal?

Food & Spirit™ takes nutrition into the realm of "complete" nourishment through the Seven Systems of Health.

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What others say about Food & Spirit

  • The Food & Spirit website is an educational and motivational hub for innovative, science-based nutrition information and training. Deanna artfully blends traditional eastern ideologies into the framework of 21st century personalized nutrition. Her work is centered in building self-confidence around everyday food choices and provides learners a deeper understanding of the complex relationships between our food, our planet, our bodies and our minds. Food & Spirit beautifully connects readers to the notion that food is not only medicine, but also our connection to the world and each other.

    — Laurie Hofmann, MPH, Institute for Functional Medicine
  • In designing Food & Spirit, Dr. Minich has skillfully and beautifully married modern science with the ancient wisdom traditions by integrating all aspects of eating and living into a unified holistic system that leads to health and wellness. Through my participation in the certification program, I experienced a powerful personal transformation and found the tools that I had been seeking that allowed me to integrate my scientific knowledge with my spiritual learning. I am excited to be able to share these tools with my clients, because Food & Spirit goes far beyond ordinary nutrition by using symbolism and color to cultivate personal transformation by allowing clients to discover the healthiest and most joyful path to self-discovery and a fulfilled life.

    — Tseme J. Garcia, MA, CCRP, CNC, CFSP

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