Nourish your whole self.

Food & Spirit™ takes nutrition into the realm of “complete” nourishment, feeding our inner and outer landscapes, including seven aspects of your being. Click on each color to view each of the seven aspects.

Are you ready to experience the best of science and the art of healing?

Are you looking to awaken your creativity and grow in body, mind, and spirit?

Do you want to feel vibrant, energetic, and empowered?

Now is the time!

Food & Spirit is a philosophy and creative program using ancient traditions and modern science to help you become free from nutrition for body, and embrace nourishment for your whole self, encompassing seven different aspects of your being!

You will find that Food & Spirit offers you something different – because it looks at all of you and your life when it comes to your relationship with food.

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Upcoming Events

  1. The Pain Relief Project

    January 19 - January 26
  2. Metabolic Medicine Interrelationships: The Revolutionary and New Medicine of the Future

    January 29 @ 08:00 - January 31 @ 17:00
  3. The Female Hormone Solutions Summit

    February 1 - February 10
  4. The Cutting Edge: Becoming the Best

    February 2 - February 6